Find out what your cash flow forecast looks like.

Take the hassle out of cash flow management with our FREE Driven Insights tool

Driven Insights help small business owners save time, highlight cash flow blind spots, and make better decisions for the future.

Driven Insights

Put the financial busywork on autopilot while liberating key insights from the depths of your spreadsheets

Ease & convenience

Goodbye, spreadsheets. Hello, simplicity. Understand the numbers right when you need them, and get the noise out of the way.

Peace of mind

Set your financial goals—then relax. We’ll monitor your cash flow, provide updates on your progress, and let you know when it’s time to take action.

Cash flow freedom

On-demand access to your available credit means we can help you cover day-to-day expenses or tackle new opportunities.

Safe and Secure

With the same level of bank-grade security and privacy protection we use for our proven finance products, you can be sure your business financials are protected.

Learn how to save countless hours by putting your cash flow management on cruise control.
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Access real SMB power in the palm of your hands

Take the hassle out of cash flow management with Driven Insights, our free online tool. 

Put the financial busywork on autopilot while liberating key insights from the depths of your spreadsheets

Key Features

Driven Insights help small business owners like you crush your financial goals and make better decisions for the future – all for free.

Get a clear view of what your cashflow will look like in the near-term future

  • Based on your business's existing everyday behaviour, look ahead over the next 60 days to predict where the peaks and troughs of your cashflow are likely to land.
  • Receive a weekly email showing the current state-of-play, and what's coming down the line.

At-a-glance view of your cash and operating ratios across all accounts

  • Aggregated starting cash, cash in, and cash out across all of your operating accounts, saving you the work of piecing together the numbers by hand.
  • Look back at trends for cash balance and cash-in and cash-out over the past year.

See the length of your runway before it runs out

  • Based on your regular spending habits and cashflow, we tell you at a glance how many days your current cash reserves give you to operate comfortably.

Get notified when you hit critical cash reserve amounts

  • We let you know ahead of time when it looks like you're going to hit a temporary bump, with on-demand access to our finance.

How It Works

Simple, Secure, and Smart

Sign up & confirm

Send us your business name and verify your email address.


Connect with a click

Securely connect your bank account(s) to activate Driven Insights.

See your cash flow, fast

Receive clear financial insights in a matter of minutes.


We're here to deliver a frictionless experience.

A dedicated small business financial advisor to help you every step of the way.

We provide more than fast and efficient financing solutions. With Thinking Capital, you get advice and support from a knowledgeable small business advisor.

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Why Small Businesses Choose Driven

“I’ve been with Driven for four years and I now have five locations. I have a good line of credit, and it’s very convenient. If I need five thousand dollars, I apply and get it immediately. No bank could give you money in 24 hours."
Aman Boyal — Serial Retail Entrepreneur, Edmonton
Serial Retail Entrepreneur
"For a small company, innovation is the way you stay competitive, because the speed at which we can move is twice as fast as these larger companies. Speed is really our only advantage, so we have to capitalize on it."
Francois Byrne — Renewable Energy Entrepreneur, Etobicoke
Renewable Energy Entrepreneur
"Sometimes you need a small amount of money and sometimes you need a big amount, but Driven has always been a good, fast, and simple solution."
Marindo Kuy — Jewelry Designer, Montréal
Jewelry Designer