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" By far the best customer service experience I've ever had. Very attentive and responsive. The process to get approved was very straight forward and easy to complete. I had funds within 24 hours. I look forward to working with the company for many years to come."

- Misty Stephens

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Why Small Businesses Choose Driven

“I’ve been with Driven for four years and I now have five locations. I have a good line of credit, and it’s very convenient. If I need five thousand dollars, I apply and get it immediately. No bank could give you money in 24 hours."
Aman Boyal — Serial Retail Entrepreneur, Edmonton
Serial Retail Entrepreneur
"For a small company, innovation is the way you stay competitive, because the speed at which we can move is twice as fast as these larger companies. Speed is really our only advantage, so we have to capitalize on it."
Francois Byrne — Renewable Energy Entrepreneur, Etobicoke
Renewable Energy Entrepreneur
"Sometimes you need a small amount of money and sometimes you need a big amount, but Driven has always been a good, fast, and simple solution."
Marindo Kuy — Jewelry Designer, Montréal
Jewelry Designer