Thinking Capital is now DRIVENtm... Learn more.
Thinking Capital is now DRIVENtm... Learn more.
Thinking Capital is now DRIVENtmLearn more.
Thinking Capital is now DRIVENtmLearn more.

Whenever you need us, whatever you need us for, we've got you.

What we're here for

To make life better for Canadian small business owners

Since 2006, we’ve provided over $1B in financing to help more than 17,000 Canadian small and medium businesses navigate everything from minor cash flow challenges to major financial setbacks.

To make business finances as easy as they should be in the modern world

Through easy-to-access, all-digital financial tools and flexible, personalized support, we help Canadian businesses survive, thrive, and grow to their full potential.

To support Canadian businesses, not get in their way

We don’t impose any usage restrictions on our funds, and we let our customers know as soon as they sign up just how much they can borrow. Everything is on the terms of the people who know their challenges best: the owners.

A part of the
Purpose Unlimited family

Purpose Investments is a modern investment management firm focused on outcome-oriented strategies through traditional, alternative, and direct-origination capabilities. It leads innovation in making pension-style quality investments accessible to all investors, big or small, to help every Canadian realize their goals for meaningful long-term success.

Advisor Solutions by Purpose is creating Purpose's platform solution: a complete end-to-end platform that empowers advisors to begin, grow, and manage their independent business. Its wealth-as-a-service platform simplifies all aspects of the advisory business – client migration, trade execution, portfolio management, and regulatory requirements – and allows advisors to focus on fostering meaningful client relationships.

Longevity by Purpose is a holistic retirement platform that empowers Canadians to view retirement as an opportunity, not a challenge. The Longevity Pension Fund is the world’s first income-for-life mutual fund that helps solve income insecurity for people in retirement.

Driven by Purpose is creating the Financial Operating System (FinOS) for SMBs, enabling clients to operate and grow their businesses more efficiently. Our mission is to build a better experience for small businesses in how they run their business and access capital to support their growth.

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Our partners


Som Seif

CEO, Purpose Unlimited

Som pursued Engineering at the University of Toronto before taking an unconventional path to finance, learning crucial skills in resilience. Som’s career kicked off at RBC Investment Banking, a crash course that accelerated his growth and clarified his life and career goals. Passionate about crafting transformative products, Som finds true pride in inspiring others to join him on this journey. Purpose Unlimited's future goal is to set industry standards, fostering innovation and systemic change, driven by the belief that our customers' success equals our own.

Matthew Raposo

Senior Director, Lending Products

Matthew, a seasoned leader with 18 years of experience in sales, operations, and team management, joined Driven in June 2013. Notably, he navigated a lending business through the challenges of COVID-19, ensuring continuous growth and client loyalty. Matthew's transformative leadership was evident in migrating Driven's client portfolio to a cutting-edge digital platform and revamping product constructs successfully. His unwavering dedication to empowering SMBs drives him to set new industry standards, making him the architect of our bright future.

Luis Amorim

Senior Director of Sales

Luis Amorim, our Senior Director of Sales since October 2018, boasts two decades of sales expertise at Driven. His leadership has driven transformative change, cultivating a thriving sales culture and boosting revenue. Luis's emphasis on employee satisfaction, reflected in our impressive eNPS, and his dedication to high CSAT scores showcase his pursuit of excellence. With strategic vision and industry acumen, he sets the gold standard for success in our sales department, making him an invaluable leader.

Tyler Meyrick

Chief Financial Officer

Tyler graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce from Queen’s University and commenced his journey with Purpose in 2017. As the steward of the firm’s corporate strategy, Tyler has spearheaded numerous pivotal endeavors, notably orchestrating the acquisition of $1.2B in mutual fund assets from LOGIQ Asset Management and orchestrating the purchase of Driven (formerly Thinking Capital) – a cornerstone achievement, solidifying Purpose's position as Canada’s largest non-bank small business lender.

Stephane Menard

Chief Technology Officer

Stephane, a veteran with over 25 years of product development and leadership experience, joined Driven in July 2021. As the driving force behind Purpose Unlimited's technology direction, he champions Agile and Lean principles. Stephane's impressive background includes co-founding tech companies twice and contributing to projects ranging from networking platforms for broadcast and live media to wearable devices and even the Space Station.

Marlo Kravetsky

Head of regulatory affairs & Chief Privacy Officer

As Head of Regulatory Affairs and Chief Privacy Officer, Marlo's role is to build and manage programs that address the evolving and vast regulatory environment in which Purpose Unlimited and its affiliates operate. Teams that report to Marlo collaborate with stakeholders across business lines to operationalize sustainable compliance programs that meet the innovative needs of the businesses and their clients.

Be there for the businesses that are there for us

Get to work helping Canadian businesses

At Driven, we're on a mission to make life better for Canadian businesses every day. We're proud to offer rewarding career opporunities to professionals who share that mission.

Don't just take our word for it