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Get Behind Black-Owned Businesses: Black History Month 2023

Get Behind Black-Owned Businesses: Black History Month 2023
February 3, 2023

Black History Month 2023 is an important time to recognize the Black-owned small businesses and entrepreneurs of colour that are often overlooked and underrepresented. At Driven, this discrepancy is something we are working hard to combat.

Here are some ideas on how you can support Black-owned businesses this February for Black History Month:

  1. Shop black-owned businesses 

Supporting Black-owned small businesses can be as easy as spending more of your money in Black-owned shops, restaurants and other businesses in your community. There may even be Black-owned online stores that offer unique products and services that you love! Research your local black-owned businesses and take some time to visit them during Black History Month.

  1. Spread the word 

Tell others about the Black-owned businesses in your area. Share their stories on social media or talk about them with friends and family members. Spreading awareness about these hard-working entrepreneurs will help put their names out there, grow their businesses, and create a larger network of support for Black-owned small businesses across Canada.

  1. Donate 

Even if you’re unable to purchase from Black-owned small businesses, you can still show your support by donating money or resources to these companies or organizations that support black entrepreneurship. Donations of any size make a difference for those who work hard to succeed despite systemic racism preventing them from getting the same opportunities as their white counterparts.

  1. Volunteer 

Give back to your community by volunteering at black entrepreneurships or events sponsored by small Black-owned organizations in your area during Black History Month (or any time of year). This doesn’t just give back to the business itself but also helps build relationships within the community while recognizing achievements made throughout history by African Americans.

  1. Advocate 

When it comes down to it, we have to do more than shop black during Black History Month—we must speak out against injustices occurring today, like systemic racism that affects African American communities around the country every day, not just once a year during Black History Month. This could include attending protests and rallies calling for change, writing letters/petitions asking for reform within legislation, or creating petitions demanding accountability from politicians who ignore injustice or block progress for African Americans. Taking action this way will create a lasting impact long after Black History Month ends each year!

Driven is devoted to achieving success, not only for all Canadians but also those of diverse backgrounds. We are proud allies and advocates in the pursuit of prosperity by providing entrepreneurs with crucial advice, education and capital solutions regardless if one identifies as a member of an immigrant community, black/person-of-colour group or any other marginalized groups including LGBTQ+ folks and Indigenous peoples.

Together we can create meaningful change for the African American community both during this special month dedicated to celebrating their incredible achievements and beyond so that everyone has equal access to opportunity no matter what colour they are! We hope these tips help inspire you to become an advocate for Black-owned businesses, not just this Black History Month but every month!

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