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How to use Google Flights to Find Cheap Business Trip Flights

How to use Google Flights to Find Cheap Business Trip Flights
December 19, 2022

We know that in many circumstances as the owner of a small business you are required to travel for your work. Depending on the frequency of your travel and accommodations, this can rack up quite the bill. 

Google Flights is a powerful tool for small business owners who want to save money on their travel expenses. It can be used to find the cheapest flights available and compare prices across different airlines, making it easy to get the best deal. Google Flights also allows users to track prices over time, so they can keep an eye on their budget and grab a great deal when it comes along. Additionally, it can be used to search for specific routes or planes, helping small business owners quickly find the best option for their travel needs.

Example of using the search box to find flights departing from airports near you.

When using Google Flights, small business owners can easily manage multiple bookings at once by linking them together in one reservation. This makes it easier to keep track of any changes that may occur due to sudden flight delays or cancellations. Users can also set up price alerts so they can be notified when fares drop for a particular route or airport. With price alerts, small business owners can take advantage of lower fares when they come up and save money on their travel expenses.

Google Flights date grid displaying pricing based on your date of travel.

Google Flights also offers special deals on certain routes and airports that are not available through traditional methods. Small business owners can use Google’s Explore feature to search for discounted airfare in different destinations around the world and take advantage of these savings opportunities whenever possible. Google Flights also allows users to filter flights according to a variety of criteria such as departure time and duration, making it even easier to narrow down your options and quickly find the cheapest flight available.

Google Travel is another helpful tool that small business owners who use Google Flights can take advantage of. The platform provides suggestions on which activities are popular in various cities around the world, as well as recommendations on attractions, restaurants and other things worth checking out while traveling for work. Google Travel also organizes information about various locations into an easy-to-navigate timeline format, helping small business owners stay organized while away from home.

Google Flights was built using all of Google’s search capabilities. Subsequently, the flight search engine is a great tool for discovering the best flights at the lowest prices. Although, its functionality does have a few drawbacks that make it in no means perfect. Before using Google Flights, here are a few things you should be aware of:

PROS of Using Google Fights

Simplicity: Use the straightforward search box or use the map to find flights departing from airports close to you.

Affordable Pricing by Date: If the dates of your next trip are changeable, the pricing graph and date grid reveal what the cost of flying will be.

Fast and Free: OTAs can't compete with Google Flights for getting the best airline deals. Additionally, Google Flights enables you to get rid of your Expedia or Orbitz price alert email subscriptions.

Accessibility on Mobile Devices: Despite the absence of a mobile app for Google Flights, the search engine continues to function flawlessly through browsers on mobile phones.

Filters for Focused Search: You have control over the flight options, so you can look for the lowest dates, your preferred number of stops, and even the carry-on luggage limits.

CONS of Using Google Flights

Can’t Book Through Google: Flights cannot be booked straight through Google; instead, you must visit the airline's website after locating the ideal trip. If there are different airlines for each leg of your trip, booking could be difficult.

No Extras: There is no opportunity to search for hotels or rental cars with Google Flights; it is limited to flight searches exclusively. Those must be reserved separately through various websites.

No Discounts or Coupons: No discounts or coupons exist. You shouldn't anticipate finding an area for promo codes or coupons unless you're using reward miles.

Doesn’t Include all Airlines: Google Flights doesn’t display all airline options. There may be certain discounted carriers, such as Southwest, that don’t publish their flight prices on the platform. 

Overall, Google Flights is an invaluable resource for small business owners who want to save money on their travel expenses without sacrificing convenience or comfort during their trips. With its wide range of features including detailed comparison tools, price tracking capabilities, special deals and more – Google Flights helps make sure that every trip taken by a small business owner is both cost-effective and enjoyable!

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