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Thinking Capital is now DRIVENtm... Learn more.
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Thinking Capital is now DRIVENtmLearn more.
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Keep Your Shelves Stocked and Your Brand Trustworthy

Keep Your Shelves Stocked and Your Brand Trustworthy
April 18, 2022

Having the proper inventory can either make or break a business. Ensuring you have enough inventory on-hand creates a sense of trust and responsibility for your customers, knowing that your business is reliable and can secure what they need. Alternatively, if you fail to secure enough inventory to meet the customer demand, you can lose sales and hurt your business and reputation.

Inventory challenges come in all shapes and time-cycles. Having proper inventory funding allows you to make educated business decisions and improve your customer service. Take a look at some of the ways that inventory funding can help your business:

Take the next step in fulfillment and logistics

Stay ahead of demand by investing in a longer lead of inventory and working with fulfillment partners to manage it. Don’t make your customers wait for you, be prepared to meet their needs at any given moment.

Master your supply chain

Whether you want to stock up in bulk or order ahead of anticipated issues, working your supply chain strategically can place you ahead of your competition. Don’t fall behind, instead be prepared for anything.

Tackle seasonal shortfalls

Seasonal challenges aren’t just for holiday stores. When times are quiet, we help you secure funds to stock up for the busy days ahead. Be ready to tackle any season.

Maintain continuous product lines

Small business owners can double down on inventory that is “non-seasonal” or sought after year-round. For example, a clothing retailer may have both the trendy summer and winter clothing lines, but will want to ensure that their less risky classic year-round products are readily available. Inventory funding removes much of the hassle associated with ordering stock and managing stock volumes.

Having proper inventory management is an important trait of any responsible business owner. Leveraging inventory funding provides your business with the confidence and security that you can deliver on your promises to your customers, and builds a trustworthy brand.

To learn more or apply for inventory funding, visit here 

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